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Flower Child all natural deodorant is targeted towards young adults who want a better product to place on their skin. By including magnesium, arrowroot, kaolin clay, and probiotics we are eliminating any chance of a disease occurring on the skin

Falling into an everyday sluggish glow is getting old. You’re tired and don’t have a reasonable amount of time to be digging and pondering ways to get rid of your bad odor and your irritated skin. You seem hopeless in trying all these top brand products that never work and that promise good quality products that are only a hassle to your every day routine. All natural deodorant using the whole ingredients including magnesium and kaolin clay which remove bad odor and arrowroot that reduces irritation, Flower Child uses in their products, is the most reasonable solution to your problems. Your skin will thank you and your family and friends will be pleased too. Don’t fall victim to your every day, big brand, deodorants that are harming your skin and making everyday dreadful. Be confident and comfortable in your skin again and be able to go out and life effortlessly.


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