Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Marketing 4011 

AboutStudent Websites

Last name First name Product/Service Name Target Message
Bodin April Heads Bank & Trust Our target audience for this campaign is consumers, ages 20-35, who live in southern Louisiana and have average annual incomes of $35,000 or more.  They are developing their first banking relationships, establishing their careers, making and financing their first big item purchases.  They are high users of digital devices and online services and are very time sensitive. Our members get local banking in a digital way.  
Hazera Roberto VyTeaMin We are reaching out to consumers that want to improve their vitamin intake to improve their taste without having to take pills every day.  With our busy lives many Americans will forget to take their daily vitamins but would easily pick up a drink that to take with them to get their vitamins on the road. VyTeaMin ice-teas are the most refreshing way to increase your vitamins and minerals intake while you are on your way to a healthier you.
Jones Madaline You Can We are speaking to women who enjoy style, but love comfort. Moreover, we are targeting women looking for great quality with and affordable price.  Our shirts are for all women and all occasions. 
Lord Mason CHiLL We are speaking to people who want a quality tumbler and are willing to spend a little more for a good product. No matter what the consumer’s lifestyle is, Chill has tumbler that is the right fit for them.
Hebert Marissa
Myers Ryeland OL'SON Boots The target audience for this product is from age 16 and up. The product is the best boot for everyone that wants to be comfortable. Our boots are the best product for any user that desires a better lifestyles.
Penton Dominique HotSpot TV We are speaking to people that want the best streaming media device at the best value. The demographic we are targeting are millennials. We feel this demographic dominates the market for our product. Hotspot tv is best product on the market and we have better processors then are competitors.
Howard Alexandra FlyMuse FlyMuse is speaking to the target audience business to business that are innovators, startups and small businesses. Demographics include cities, annual income of at least $50,000 and the age group of 25-50 years. FlyMuse showcases companies in a positive light, showing why customers should purchase their products.
Selby Christopher BrokenTee Men and women, never-golfers or beginners that don’t own a set of clubs.  Many consumers may have never thought of playing golf, and existing manufacturers mainly market to intermediate to advanced golfers. Golf should be for everyone.
Sutton Victoria Flower Child We are communicating with people who value their skin and want the best product for them and their families. We will accomplish this by targeting young adults between the ages of 18 and 35 to try and influence their buying decisions so they will pass them along to family and friends. Natural deodorant is a hygiene item you can trust and rely on in your everyday life. 
Vanderlick Felix Bamboo Temple We are speaking to adults, men and women, who prefer lux spas. We want them to think of us when they think spa. 
Pinell Tai
Wiggins Torie Will's Wash We are speaking to the truck drivers who are looking for a convenient place to stop and have their trucks washed.  We are mainly targeting the drivers who travel through the Ark-La-Miss area.   Our truck wash is very convenient with several time-saving features.