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Clint's  Cafe

Class in 5? Come Grab A Premade Sandwich

Local resident and ULM graduate, Clint Brister, opens Clint’s Café on the campus of ULM. Clint’s Café is the newest addition to a growing ULM campus. With a small selection of places to eat on campus, Clint’s Café provides another space for ULM students to grab a bite to eat within walking distance from their dorms and classes.

The café also provides a safe and welcoming place for students to study and hangout. The menu provides a variety of salads and sandwiches, as well as coffee to fuel your day. Clint understands what it is like being a busy student and aims to provide convenience to students by offering a grab-n-go selection in his café. This grab-n-go selection will feature ready to go salads and sandwiches students can grab on their way to class.

To further support his local college, Clint’s Café aims to provide jobs for ULM students. So, if you are a ULM student, stop by and apply today. Clint’s Café is open 7 days a week from 7am-7pm. Stop by for breakfast or come grab a sandwich on your lunch break from the grab-n-go section. And feel free to just come by anytime and grab a seat to study or bring your friends and hangout. Clint’s Café looks forward to seeing you here.

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