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About 'Meaux'

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Meaux Customs

“Sneakers deserve the spa treatment once in a while too, right?”

         Premium cleaner to blast all the gunk and grime, so they’re just as pristine as when you took them out of the box

         Natural oils, conditioners, and deodorizes that leave your sneakers with a rejuvenated shine and supple texture and that oh so coveted new shoe smell

         Premier paints for those full body jobs that keep their pliability when applied for no peeling or cracking

         Sole sauce that reverses oxidation to bring those dingy, yellow outsoles back from the grave to that flawless, icy state like when you first grabbed them off the shelf.

There’s no need to wait any longer. Let us be your shoe-ticians and breathe new life into your favorite pair of kicks!

Meaux Restorations

“Louvre worthy masterpiece on your feet”

Art is the purest form of self-expression, in that many cases we can tell a great deal about the essence of what makes a person without them uttering a single word.  Why shouldn’t that be the case for your sneakers?  What we’re offering is not simply a customization service but an equal opportunity for the new, baby sneakerhead and the battle-scarred hypebeast to tell the world who they are and make statement like only they can with every step they take.  So, the last question is now how can we use our artistry to turn your sneakers into a canvas worthy of the greatest muse there is?

P.S. If you needed a hint on that muse we’re talking about, yeah, it’s you…


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