Maddie Thingz- Vibrant. Just like you.
Thanks to fast fashion, every new season comes with new trends. Sure, it’s exciting at first, but soon enough you can’t escape them. Everywhere you turn there’s that style of earrings literally everyone else is wearing. Don’t you want to stand out and be vibrant? Maddie Thingz accessories would never lure you into a “trendy trap” because we know how to create accessories that are both trendy and uncommon. At Maddie Thingz you make customizations and create accessories that express your individuality. If you’re tired of simply following trends head to our website and learn how you can set them yourself.

Where you set the trends
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Our vision

  At Maddie Thingz we are adamant
about self  expression. We create products that allow you to have personalized accessories made justfor you. Unique and vibrant products are at the center of our brand and allowing customers to make customizations results in hundreds of options. Let us help  you express yourself with Maddie Thingz accessories.



         Custom Keychains


   Make customizations     to your order for a heartfelt gift,
a fashion statement,
or a unique way to identify your

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             Vibrant Earrings


 We create unique earrings in custom shapes and colors that allow you to express your personality without saying a word.




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